As a young girl, she grew up in a simple family with full of innocence turns out to be full of anger and confusion. A question that will always start with “Why”. An innocent girl that unfairly treated with such a brutal actions seems like carrying the whole world on her shoulder. It was not happy as an expected to be as a childhood life. Why life was so unfair? Why it should happened in that way? Why life should be like this and theirs are the other way?

A family used to live with a relative house for more than a decade. She was treated like a princess and shown lots of loved and care. At the beginning she was not expecting a worse storm comes her way. From happiness to anger. From innocence to hatred.

As a child, playing and studying was the priority. But it turns out she was punish by someone who had deceive her for she was young and pure. Abused physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally should not be a part in a child innocence life.

When struggles came,it was like a mixture of storm, hurricane, earthquake and tsunami . The worst among the worst. It happened not on a day but continues as day after day after.

As the storm calm down, her life was completely change. From being innocent to being sensitive. As years past by, the nightmares still haunting her. It was not easy. Grew up with anger, fear, alone and jealousy. Why?

When the day she was born, she was an angel and a blessings. A priceless gift that a parents can have. She was a gift from God. She was the happiness of the family. A challenge to her life that will change her world for one click of her hand.

Everything was change. Why she have this kind of life? A questions that will always seeking for the right answer. She is still hopeful that her life will be change.

After all, her journey will continue with head up and full of hopes.